Our Values

The heart of our work rests with the values passed on by ancestors and shared across our island communities. These include compassion, support, responsibility, stewardship, unity, fairness, steadfastness, recognizance, preservation, and humility guide our relationships and approach to serving our communities.

Addressing NHPI Health Disparities

Among NHPIs, Heart disease is the #1 cause of death. Cancer is the fastest growing cause of death. More NHPI are diagnosed with chronic illnesses like diabetes than any other racial group.

Addressing those challenges effectively requires cultural expertise with a diverse array of NHPI communities, investing in strong relationships, and navigating a complex array of immigration statuses that dictate access to resources.

When we take care of all of our loved ones, we are really helping to take care of ourselves too.
— Charlene Kazner, Board Member

What We've Achieved

  • Hosted 10 Annual Orange County Pacific Islander Festivals since 2007, with a total of approximately 100,000 attendees

  • Provided women’s heart health education and outreach to over 1,000 participants across 4 states

  • Trained community members to serve as health navigators for the Chamorro, Native Hawaiian, Filipino, Marshallese, Samoan, and Tongan communities

  • Hosted 3 annual food banks, serving 115 families with 400 family members

  • Promoted healthy senior living to 80+ participants through hula and participation

  • Organized 10 annual Pacific Islander children’s workshops and sleepover with the Long Beach Aquarium